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step by step to install php 4.4.2/solaris9

  • hey
    i would like to have a practical document (step by step)to install php 4.4.2 under a solaris 9 OS.
    thanks in advance

    • hello again
      to be more precise. i want to install php 4.4.2 un der a solaris 9 with an iplanet 6.0.
      so if there is an accurate manual to follow. it would be easier and smooth to do
      thank you

      • Greg Morgan
        Greg Morgan


        The big thing to do on Solaris is include core in your backups and don't have a job that removes all core files.  :-(  The libraries used in phpWebSite are held in a directory called core.  This directory should be in your backups too.  I'll see if I can't find the wekipedia and iplanet document at work.  You'll have to take this link http://phpwebsite-comm.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=Installation_Guide and use iplanent stuff with it.  I am guessing that you'll want to use blastwave.org for your package support.  I've had more luck with them than the sunfreeware site.


  • Hi friends i am looking for installation guide for php 4.4.2 I visited the link posted by you in the thread
    they are not working can you give me any more references about installation.

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