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other Install erros (on web hosts and xampp)

  • hmil2011

    Please understand at first that I am not very familiar with PHP.
    I am trying to install PHPWebsite on my website hosted by 000webhost.
    After the installation I got a "This site is temporarily disabled. Please check back later." page.

    So I located the file "error_page.html" in "core\conf" and I added this code:


    So I noticed it's a function "is_a" that is causing the error and after googling I found that the PHP that the host is using is outdated so instead I added this code at the beginning of the file "phpws_stats.php" in the root directory:

    function is_instanceof($object,$class_name)
    return ($object instanceof $class_name);

    And then I replaced every instance of "is_a(" with "is_instanceof(" using Notepad++ "search & replace in files" and re-uploaded.
    Now, I am getting the error page and from what I understand, it's not even an error, it's an "E_NOTICE":
    Array (  => 8  => Undefined index: conj  => *path*/core/class/Database.php  => 831 )

    I get the same on XAMPP. I changed some things in order that PHPWebsite works on it, here are the changes that I've done:
    File "Core/Class/Init.php" replaced

        define('PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR', str_replace('core/class', '', dirname(__FILE__)));


        define('PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR', str_replace('core\class', '', dirname(__FILE__)));

    File "Core/Conf/Defines.php" replaced:

    //ini_set('include_path', '.:' . PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR . 'lib/pear/');


    ini_set('include_path', '.;' . PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR . 'lib\\pear\\');

    Then after the 1st step of installation, in the file "Config\Core\Config.php" I replaced:

    define('PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR', 'C:\xampp\htdocs\');
    define('PHPWS_HOME_DIR', 'C:\xampp\htdocs\');


    define('PHPWS_SOURCE_DIR', 'C:\\xampp\htdocs\\');
    define('PHPWS_HOME_DIR', 'C:\\xampp\htdocs\\');

    And I modified the error_page.html like shown above and now I get the same error:
    "Array (  => 8  => Undefined index: conj  => C:\xampp\htdocs\core\class\Database.php  => 831 )"

    Please help, I just want to see how does this famous PHPWebsite look like!
    Thanks in advance.

  • hmil2011

    You know what? I don't get it why it's stopping on notices anyways, tried changing error_reporting to E_ERROR and somehow it always resets.
    Forget about this, Joomla rules!