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New Idea for Developer

  • dark

    Here's my story:
    i m heavy downloader i do nothing but downloading on my PC when at home
    i download lot from Megaupload, Mediafire, Rapidshare, etc etc. rarely from torrent.
    i have Internet at home on Desktop PC & on my Windows Mobile
    but because i have to work 8hrs per day & i cant do downloading all day
    sure i have internet on my mobile but what of it? i can only do browsing on mobile
    because mobile internet always have download limit & if mobile internet has no download limit, speed is always damn.

    My point is how can i do Work far away from home & downloading on my Desktop PC at home at the same time?

    My Idea:

    what is needed to make it work?
    1st. you need internet one on PC for downloading & one on mobile for browsing
    2nd. a special website as medium where i can create an account & download a special software

    what is this special software?
    Special Software 1 is Special Download Manager which i can install on PC at home
    Special Software 2 is Special Browser or Addon which i can install on my windows or Android mobile

    How Software's will work?
    Special Download Manager on PC will remain constantly in sync with website from where i downloaded this software & created account & waiting for me to send download links.
    i will have User/Pass stored on Sp Download Manager settings for Auto Logon
    For mobile, addon for opera will be better. i will be browsing for contents like Movies, TV Shows, Anime's, etc. on mobile but i know you can't download a lot on mobile.
    here's where installed special addon comes handy all i have to do is
    Send Download link to PC at home. instead of starting download on mobile.
    Now how will that happen?
    here's where account created on special website comes handy
    i will have user/pass stored in addon settings on mobile
    All Download links i have sent to PC will 1st sent to my account on website
    from where Special Download Manager on PC which is constantly in sync with account on website
    will fetch download links i have sent & start Downloading Automatically on PC at home.
    Nothing downloaded on Website Server except for Download Link & its cookie

    This way i can do browsing at work & downloading at home at the same time.