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can I get your opinion or help

  • meylo

    I am implementing a phpwebsite for a local magazine. I want to feature articles with a thumbnail image that links to the phpwebsite article page from the homepage. Can anyone make a suggestion to what module is best to use (e.g. announcements, documents, events) or how to go about this. The main concern is that it the article preview information appears automatically on the homepage with an image. I have limited PHP knowledge but I can tweek some code if need be. My forte is css design

    Here is a link to the test site - give it a look


    Let me know

    • Robb Doyle
      Robb Doyle

      Hey guy...

      I'm just a phpwebsite fanatic... not a coder... have a few sites... (our community sure could use your help... you do have a nice theme that you've made for your demo site... as we need more good looking themes for FREE... so if you've a mind to release some of your work... please, please, do it.)

      Now here is something that might be of interest to you...
      there is 3rd party mod name Article Manager...
      while researching this for you I just noticed that a new version has been released, (7/13/07),

      Article Manager 4.0

      EXCITED HERE... with a small let down,

      Looks like this new release has a bug in it as after doing an an
      Uninstall on Version 3.0

      then trying to install Version 4.0
      I see this message displayed:
      Module Information file missing in article

      with this error message at the top of the page:
      Warning: direct() [function.include]: Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path='.:/home/massagel/public_html/lib/pear/') in /home/massagel/public_html/mod/boost/class/Boost.php on line 248

      So I'll alert the mod author to see if I can get some help and in the mean time will reinstall version 3.0.

      Many of us have been waiting for this upgrade for soooo long... can hardly wait to check it out!

      You can grab these over on Eloi George's website, he is the creator of this mod:


      Good luck on your new endeavor, this community is very helpful, you'll probably be getting more tips, etc.

      In Wellness,
      Robb Doyle, LMT

    • phpwizz

      EXACTLY what do you want do do?

    • phpwizz

      If you  want to remove the "created by /updated by" text then you have do remove some tags in the template file

    • Hilmar

      As seen, your site is a pws0.x, not a new one pws1. For pws0 there is also a complex module dcPublisher (dcP) developed for mass content, see

      This module, of a version not yet available for the public, is used by
      and able to produce also a static html snap of a pws site.

      The upgrade of dcPublisher for pws1.x is in progress. But some problems with pws1 have to resolved before dcP continues, ... at any time this year.

      BTW, forget article manager for pws. pws1 has similar functionality with module webpages (the ascendor of pagemster), and a not quit finished module pagesmith.