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pws 1.5.1 - Installation - setlocale - it_IT

  • I am trying to install an Italian localized version of phpWebSite 1.5.1 on several machines: Windows, FreeBSD and Linux.
    On Windows --> No problem (about localization).
    On *NIX I'm experiencing an unexpected obstacle with the setlocale() function.
    In other words: if I want to install a localized version of phpWebSite I need to know the proper 'locale' string for that system. I learned many interesting things reading this page http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.setlocale.php, and I tried several locale strings, but always the setlocale function return me FALSE!
    It is not realistic that installing phpWebSite on a typical hosting provider I can access the 'locale -a' system command to know the right locale string. Moreover the "locale" always depend on the server configuration and the locales package installation.
    Anyone can help me to understand why I cannot install phpWebSite 1.5.1 on a *NIX server and see the new installation speaking it_IT?
    Note: on a Windows machine all works fine (read: phpWebSite speaks Italian) since the first installation step!!!