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Code coverage tool for PHP

  • I have been using PhpUnit and I like the included code coverage feature included in it.

    The company I work for - SpikeSource - has open sourced a code coverage measurement and reporting tool for PHP. This tool, called Spike PHPCoverage, can instrument and record the line coverage information for PHP scripts at runtime.

    Spike PHPCoverage works on PHP 5.0 or newer and uses Xdebug Extension for gathering the coverage data.

    I guess this technique is not new to PHPUnit users. Spike PHPCoverage also adds a nice reporting framework to the coverage data. This will hopefully be a nice addition to PHP testing tools suite as it can work seamlessly with Unit Testing suites like PhpUnit and SimpleTest.

    The tool is still in version 0.6 with a lot of room for improvement. It is available as an open source project on Please visit for more information, screen shots, and feedback.

    I have been working on this tool. So let me know your feedback.

    Nimish (npac at spikesource dot com)