#51 can't connect to mySql


hey everybody :)

i've just installed this so as to learn php and mysql.
once installed, linking through from localhost to
phpMyAdmin produces nowt but the following:

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to
MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in
C:\apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin\lib.inc.php on line 255

I get the same thing when i run 'cmd' in dos mode.

i'm new to this sh#t so i'm completely foxed. does
anyone know what the problem might be?


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    go to
    c:\apache\mysql\bin\mysqladmin.exe <-- run this shit!!!

    after that ok loh...

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    hey thanks :)

    'tried it. did nothing. :(

    any other ideas?

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    u need to initiate the service..

    go to phptriad in ure start.. and find mysql inside..

    then click on mysql- to activate .. then try using phpmyadmin

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    st0pid. Me haxx0r fixar biiffen!

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    open your controlpanel c:\apache\controlpanel.bat
    then start the MySQL server

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    you suck.
    Go studying some cooking, or french.

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    pack your pc in original box and dump it into skip. Let's
    face it you are too lazy to read documentation or do
    research on internet or too stupid? Why would you need mysql?

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    If you use Windows. Go to C:\apache\mysql\bin and run

    After in your web go to http://localhost

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    edit your lib.inc.php
    add # before line 255, 256, etc