#49 Installer defaults to C:


For some unbeknowngst reason, when I installed the
operating system on this box, the primary hard drive got
permanently labeled as F: drive.

BEcause of this, I cannot unpack and install PHPTriad
since it automatically looks for C:/apache



  • JB Smith
    JB Smith

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    Ditto that. How about an ordinary Windows install routine,
    where we get to pick our destination? Or maybe the installer
    could check the registry for the default installation
    path... since some people not only don't have their Windows
    on the C: drive but keep their applications on yet another
    partition. Or a command line switch, or something.

    As it is, i'd like to know everything the installer did,
    because i'd like to know how to clean up the mess.

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    I think have'n the installer default to c:/ is a good idea as the
    Apache server doesn't like long root names in config files ....

    This setup makes it easy to install because every notation
    directs the program where to go ....

    If you change the Root of the default install, the notations
    would be sending the server to c:/apache for files, and to fix
    it you'd have to make the changes manually ... EVERY ONE!!

    phpTriad is designed for easy installation .. If you need other
    settings of a different Drive specification.. I reccomend
    installing each part separate .. MySql / PHP / Apache

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    If You dont have drive C: You can use the subst command:
    subst c: f:\patch_to_your_apache\

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    Well, did have the same problem. When i install WinXP on my
    machine, SOME STRANGE CAUSE make my primary be the F:

    My C: now is my Zip Drive!!!?