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Timetracker2 in progress and in admin

A little spike for a "next generation" timetracker has been started on a separate server. Nothing much for now: tag-based, ajax, savant templates, it's much better designed, but doesn't do much yet.

Head for

I also want to welcome intuxicated as a new admin on this project.

Posted by The Anarcat 2006-06-23

phptimetracker 0.5 released and switch to Subversion

It's that time of the year again.. Almost a full year since the last release! As many projects with a simple featureset and targeted audience, not much progress has happened over the last year, apart from the usual bugfixes and new features from the main developper.

Most notable changse include a password reset mecanism and improved reporting.

Also, please note that the CVS repository will not be used and was migrated to SVN. It is still available, but will be disregarded for the next releases. Subversion is now the way to go, thanks to that long awaited deployment from Sourceforge. Let's all give them a big thank you!!... read more

Posted by The Anarcat 2006-03-06

phptimetracker 0.4 released

It's been a while since there was a phptimetracker release. Here is 0.4. The most notable addition to the project is the multi-lingual functionalities, which currently covers english and french, many takes to new member of the project: Chris Van Pelt. Thanks Chris!

You can download the latest release on all SourceForge mirrors. Be sure to read the release notes on SourceForge or in the CHANGES files to make sure you don't miss anything.... read more

Posted by The Anarcat 2005-04-20

phpdoc online

I have made the PhpDocumentation available online at

It is not updated automatically, as the phpdoc isn't installed on the SF shell servers, but I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Posted by The Anarcat 2005-01-12

phptimetracker 0.3 released

I have finally release the 0.3 release of the phptimetracker series. This release features major speedup in the way project trees are stored and displayed, a detailed bill ("facture dtaille", frequently requested) and a few bugfixes.

Try it out!

Posted by The Anarcat 2005-01-08

0.3 progress update

I'm still working on the timetracker in my spare time. 0.3 will feature an optimisation in the way project trees are managed following the Pattern demonstrated in . This requires extensive modification to the code internals, and is quite tricky to implement, so I take extra time to make sure everything still makes sense.

Therefore, the current CVS code isn't quite as stable as I'd like it to be, especially wrt project editing and database scheme. Expect major breakage when playing with it. Stick with 0.2 for now, which is tagged TIMETRACKER_0_2. As guaranteed, an easy upgrade path will be available from 0.2.... read more

Posted by The Anarcat 2005-01-06