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phpSysInfo 3.0-RC1

We are happy to anounce the new preview version of phpSysInfo 3.0.
This is nearly a complete rewritten version of phpsysinfo, we now have a completely new interface, and the way its internal be build is completely new. Special thanks for this new improvements are going to Audun Larsen, he did all the great work. because of the significant changes we must now depend on php 5.2. this decision was made in favor of new included features in php so that we no longer need external libraries for our app, because some of them have bugs which aren't fixed for some years and we every time get bug reports about this issues.
Please notice there are some things that are not complete, like language selection or themes, so if somebody would help us, we need some people who can translate the en.xml file in the language directory to their foreign language and send us these files. Also themes, if there are some people out there who are really good designers and want to help us, feel free to create some cool designs or convert an old one.
If you are find a bug or think there must be some improvement in some place, feel free to write a bug report, write a patch or simply post comments in the forum.

Posted by Michael Cramer 2007-08-26