This is what I got from my testing:

When loged in as the following and made comments the psl_comment table contained the following:

user_id = 0, name = god

peter (regular user):
user_id = 21, name = Anonymous Poster

NOT loged in:
user_id = 0, name = Anonymous

Is it correct that the user_id is not recorded and the name is ?

Joe Stewart wrote:
Hello Peter,

On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 07:53:12PM -0500, Peter Starowicz wrote:
Hello all, I am working on the back-end and I am updating the 
functionality of the user profile screen.  One of the things that I am 
adding is a listing of the comments that the user has made through out 
the site.


thank you.  This will be a nice addition.  There is a lot of 
things that could be added here.  Also currently there is no public 
side to see a user's profile either.

However I noticed that the user_id in the psl_comment table is set to 0 
(using the god account) and in the function update I see this code which 
prevents the user_id to be set...

      if (!$this->perm->have_perm("commentChangeName")) {
         if(($this->auth->auth['uid']) AND ($this->auth->auth['uid'] != 
"nobody")) {
            $ary['user_id'] = $this->auth->auth['uid'];
     } else {
            $ary['user_id'] = Author::getId('nobody');

could some one elaborate on this for me and tell me whythe user_id is 
not set always ?  


Many sites want people to be able to comment without having a user 
account.  Requiring a user account to comment can be a barrier to 
involvement when building an online community.  Some of these sites also 
do not want people to post as someone with a user account.

If the "commentChangeName" and permissions are removed, then the user id 
is used.

Try removing "commentChangeName" and "commentPost" from the "nobody" 
group.  Logout, then post a comment.

There probably could be a check to see if the username has been changed 
and if not, then set the user_id.





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