#53 Time limit does not apply in safe mode on mailinglistAdmin

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When submitting from the newsletter (mailinglistAdmin.php3?action=newsletter) on a server with php running in safe mode a warning is echoed (actually time_limit is set to 10 seconds on my host).

Warning: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /home/user/l/i/t/littllutin/www/MailingList.class on line 428

This is as issue as a few hosts I've tried before are running php in safe mode and I guess there are a lot more.

Possible solutions
1) set error_reporting to 0 (dummy solution)
2) use autorefresh on the template and a timeout counter in the php code to send to a predefined number users
ex :
Use time() during the batch process to calculate processing time and generate some html code in the page before it times out so it will refresh itself on a url like this :

$users would be the number of mails sent during the last batch and $pos the id of the next user after the last from the current batch.


  • nathan hruby
    nathan hruby

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  • nathan hruby
    nathan hruby

    Again, I tried commenting on this a week ago but SourceForge pooed on me.

    If you're hitting safe_mode execution limits you probably shouldn't be using the phpSlash mailing list module. It's a very low octane solution to the problem. My suggestion is using a real mailing list manager and just using phpSlash to send the stories to that. If you have more than a 100 or so users, please do this. Most decent hosting compaines should give you a mailing lsit for free if you ask. (csoft.net will I know, as well as a few others that I can't remember)