phpScheduleIt 1.2.9 Released

This release addresses all high-priority bugs and includes minor new features:

  • Added some fixes to improve page load times on the schedule page. This change will not work on IE6 and lower
  • A few updates to reduce the page file size for schedule.php
  • Automatically pick the end time when start time is changed
  • Added SSL support for LDAPEngine
  • Updated fi/tr translations
  • Bugfix: Reservation email showed date/time in server timezone
  • Bugfix: Min/Max reservation notification times weren't working across days
  • Bugfix: "Check availability" failed if all necessary fields were not filled in
  • Bugfix: Missing $ for variable name in Time.class.php
  • Bugfix: Fixed schedule column formatting
  • Bugfix: Fix for IE6 mouseover
Posted by Nick Korbel 2008-06-22