phpScheduleIt 0.9.9 released

phpScheduleIt v0.9.9 has been released. phpScheduleIt is a Web-based resource scheduling application. This release focused on feature additions and enhancements including multiple schedule support, blackout times, a read-only schedule and reservation summaries.

A brief overview of the changes in this version:
- Blackout times have been implemented
- Reservation class bug has been fixed
- Reservation summaries have been added with a configurable option to display them on the schedule
- Schedule now displays correct days when showing less than 7 at a time
- Advanced recurring reservation features added
- Read-only version of the schedule can be seen by unregistered or users that are not logged in
- Admin has the power to reset a password for a user
- Minor UI changes
- Auto-assign permissions are now per-resource instead of global
- Multiple schedules are now supported with a GUI for managing them
- Better support for non-MySQL databases
- Registration email is now plain-text
- Inclusion of PHPMailer to send all email communications
- A bug that prevented phpScheduleIt from running in BSD environments has been fixed
- Option to email users permission changes has been added

Posted by Nick Korbel 2004-05-09