Hi, I'm really excited about using phpqrcode, especially since the QR Code image portion of the Google Chart API is being deprecated.  However, I'm having two issues that I'd could use some help on, here is the first:

1) broken image: the output to display the QR Code displays as broken, for example:

�PNG  IHDRWWKK/PLTE���U��~�IDAT8��ѽ ! `# :n��A�J�����kX�WR����(Iq1��� �����<�eF���hՉ�B�u�k�s�����pjɿF����Ǥ�.�<0q ��٧0��jv�͡aPl�INi>�m��@A��犐4K�K٧�:� �=v���ܱ��C���o �i>��}t��5O�򃦨/�IEND�B`�

I believe I read something about "encoding" but not sure what do. 

Oddly, I now have a file on my server (since uploading the phpqrcode code) named: "L", and the contents are as follows (I feel there is a connection):


Ä0 „ámuƒ[ƒ¯.p+ðUnÊ>²Á“:S}…àðÔ2êLÝ¡Ò„iËâ†*wˆ1T` dØ¿uXz>r"2›ÊP|/ kÞ E½BOñ$¼µbGÆüe/¨Œµ°cÚøt ¯ÚÁ0uÝ¡2Û d¸9á™JA–‹æœ×RIEND®B`‚

Any help would be really appreciated.