Hi. I'm having a strange issue. I'm noticing that I sometimes get a different code generated for the same input string.

This is the code I'm using:

$bits = QRcode::text("hello world", false, "Q");

I put this in a loop, and ran it 100 times, and used a quick implode+md5 to check the results, and I've gotten 6 to 7 different outputs. Some as many as 40/100, some as few as 1/100 (in the same batch).

Is this normal to happen? I've read a couple different technical dumps on the QR spec, and not noticed any place where randomization/deviation is shown to come up.

A note, I am using the combined "1 file" version of the library, so this may possibly something do with the multiple masking options in the QR generation, and how the combined version has issues with this.