login failed

  • Hello All,

    I'm having trouble logging in and think I've tried the suggestions I've seen posted.

    PostgreSQL 8.2.3 installed on one server, phpPgAdmin 4.1.3 installed on a second (RHEL5) workstation.  From the workstation I can connect as the user I'm trying to login as.  I'm not seeing any errors on the server in /var/log/pgsql.

    Any suggestions?


    -- john

    • Please, give us more info...

      Show us how your ppa config looks like, tell us if your pg server is on the same server, etc

    • Thanks for the prompt response. phpPgAdmin and postgres are on separate servers


              $conf['servers'][0]['desc'] = 'PostgreSQL';
              $conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'postgresl.ngdc.noaa.gov';
              $conf['servers'][0]['port'] = 5432;
              //tried "allow", "disable" as well
              //$conf['servers'][0]['sslmode'] = 'allow';
              $conf['servers'][0]['defaultdb'] = 'template1';
              $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dump_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dump';
              $conf['servers'][0]['pg_dumpall_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dumpall';
              $conf['servers'][0]['slony_support'] = false;
              $conf['servers'][0]['slony_sql'] = '/usr/share/pgsql';
              $conf['autocomplete'] = 'default on';
              $conf['extra_login_security'] = false;
              $conf['owned_only'] = false;
              $conf['show_comments'] = true;
              $conf['show_advanced'] = false;
              $conf['show_system'] = false;
              $conf['show_reports'] = true;
              $conf['owned_reports_only'] = false;
              $conf['min_password_length'] = 1;
              $conf['left_width'] = 200;
              $conf['theme'] = 'default';
              $conf['show_oids'] = false;
              $conf['max_rows'] = 30;
              $conf['max_chars'] = 50;
              $conf['use_xhtml'] = false;
              $conf['help_base'] = 'http://www.postgresql.org/docs/%s/interactive/';
              $conf['version'] = 17;


      local   all         all                               trust
      # IPv4 local connections:
      host    all         all          trust
      host    all         all     md5

      # IPv6 local connections:
      host    all         all         ::1/128               trust
      host    all         all     md5

      host grid all md5

      Anything else that will help?


      -- john