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getting an error on DoExpressCheckoutPayment

Sop webc
  • Sop webc
    Sop webc

    I get the following error when trying the example on DoExpressCheckoutPayment (sandbox):

    object(stdClass)#6 (7) { ["Timestamp"]=>  string(20) "2008-07-09T00:29:34Z" ["Ack"]=>  string(18) "SuccessWithWarning" ["CorrelationID"]=>  string(13) "da0d72ceadb15" ["Errors"]=>  object(stdClass)#7 (4) { ["ShortMessage"]=>  string(95) "Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details." ["LongMessage"]=>  string(23) "Item amount is missing." ["ErrorCode"]=>  string(5) "10430" ["SeverityCode"]=>  string(7) "Warning" } ["Version"]=>  string(8) "2.400000" ["Build"]=>  string(6) "588340" ["DoExpressCheckoutPaymentResponseDetails"]=>  object(stdClass)#8 (2) { ["Token"]=>  &string(20) "EC-47W04527MN992922D" ["PaymentInfo"]=>  string(20) "EC-47W04527MN992922D" } }

    and no items get registered on paypal in the purchase. Do you have a clue why is this?

    Thank you very much

    • Matt Costello
      Matt Costello

      Hi Sop

      It is caused by a bug/feature? in php from version 5.2.2 onwards. The only fix at the moment appears to be downgrade php or not use the soap api. The NVP paypal api works fine on latest versions of php, but it does require you recoding totally!

      No one seems to know if this is a problem with php or the paypal soap api, but it appears not to be restricted to phppaypalpro.

    • Sop webc
      Sop webc

      Thank you for your kind reply.

      So, is there no chance that phppaypalpro works with new versions of php? The php minimun version CPANEL will let our hosting provider to downgrade is 5.2.3 currently, so downgrade is out of the question.  Thank you very much for your help.