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phpPath / News: Recent posts


There is a lot of new stuf in release. We have rebuilded engine initialisation, coniguration files placement and a lot of issues with template handling. We are soon to rebuild object orientation of the system so it would be more optimized and performance-focused.

Posted by Kamil Dzielinski 2004-09-26


New initial release of phpPath is out now! We fixed some issues with apache URL handling, and added an install section into the readme file. That's pretty much everything. However, the phpPath is not ready for the real world, we still need to develop many things. So far system is compatible with Smarty and MySQL - more options will follow soon!

Posted by Eugene 2004-08-18

phpPath-0.2.0-ronin released

The initial release of phpPath - php system aimed to be a framework for content menagment systems developers. So far system is compatible with Smarty and MySQL - but it is already so extensible that more options will follow soon!
phpPath-0.2.0-ronin can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110919 and we are realy hoping to get some input and comments from other php developers.

Posted by Kamil Dzielinski 2004-08-16