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PhpMySport 1.4 released

Some of you were waiting for it for a long time, here is finally the version 1.4 of phpMySport.This new version fixes several bugs and includes of course new features:

- An assistant for matches importation, which works the same way as members and clubs importation forms (importation from a list in .csv format)
- Management of groups and user rights which allows you to limit or authorize the access to all fonctionnalities of the software. It makes the website management with several webmasters much easier
- Management of the website main menu. You can now customize the menu with your own external links or internal pages.... read more

Posted by Jerome 2009-03-05

PhpMySport 1.4 in the works

PhpMySport version 1.4 is in preparation! After several months of break since the release of phpMySport 1.3, the development of the next version has started. And even if the release date has not been defined yet, this new version should be available to download in the next few months.
Among the new features that will be proposed, here are the most expected ones:
* Menu customization with an easy system of drag & drop and the possibility to add external links
* Matches importation from a .csv file
* Management of users rights... read more

Posted by Jerome 2008-10-15

PhpMySport 1.3 released

PhpMySport 1.3 has been released!

This new version fixes several bugs and proposes new features:

* Members registration
* Importation of a members list
* Importation of a clubs list
* Mini standings
* Team photos
* New skin "bluesky"
* Improvement of forum security
* Etc.

Please find all the details about this version on:

Posted by Jerome 2007-11-26

Preparation of version 1.3

After few months of standby, phpMySport activity restarts to prepare the next version : phpMySport 1.3 !

First let's do a statement after 10 months of living:

* 3 versions were released: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
* The script is available in 5 foreign languages: english, french, italien, portuguese and dutch
* A user manual was written in french and english for the version 1.0
* The script was downloaded more than 5000 times
* The version 1.2 was downloaded 2700 times
* Several webmasters have been using this CMS for their club websites... read more

Posted by Jerome 2007-08-10

PhpMySport 1.2 released

PhpMySport 1.2 has been released !

This new version proposes very useful features that were missing in previous versions:
- Standings and team statictics
- Player statistics
- Files and images manager
- Competition configuration: championships and cups
- Members pictures and club logos
- Improvement of the forum with the WYSIWYG editor

Two new languages are available:
- italian: thanks to Falconet
- portuguese of Brasil: thanks to Flávio Veras... read more

Posted by Jerome 2007-03-07

Next release available in March 2007

The release of next version of phpMySport, v1.2, is planned for March 2007. This version will complete the previous one with new features such as standings, team statistics and a pictures manager.

To have more details and see screenshots :

Posted by Jerome 2006-12-31

Release of phpMySport v1.1

PhpMySport v1.1 has been released!

What's new in this version?

- The code has been translated into english standard: files names, database tables, variables and most of comments are now in english,
- Several bugs have been fixed,
- A plugin section has been created: you are now able to add your own features to the script by developping your plugins!
- One plugin has been added: web link management
- An update assistant to go easily from version 1.0 to 1.1... read more

Posted by Jerome 2006-11-27

PhpMySport 1.0 now available !

PhpMySport v1.0, first stable version of the script is now available!

Bugs from the beta version were corrected and functionnal tests were done. Besides, the version 1.0 includes now a discussion forum. Language files were translated and phpMySport is available in french and also in english.

So do not wait to discover all the functionnalities of the software!

Posted by Jerome 2006-10-25

Sortie officielle de phpMySport 1.0

PhpMySport v1.0, première version stable du script, est sortie !

Les bugs de la version 1.0beta ont été corrigés et les tests fonctionnels ont été réalisés. Par ailleurs, la version 1.0 intègre maintenant un forum de discussion. De plus, les fichiers de langues ont été traduits et phpMySport est désormais disponible en français et en anglais.

Découvrez vite toutes les fonctionnalités du logiciel !

Posted by Jerome 2006-10-25

Sortie de la version 1.0beta

La version 1.0beta de phpMySport est sortie.

Cette première version du logiciel propose l'ensemble des fonctionnalités prévue pour la version 1.0 mais elle n'a pas encore été totalement testée. Des bogues peuvent donc être présents.

Pour ceux qui ne pouvait plus attendre, n'hésitez pas à l'essayer et à laisser vos commentaires !

Posted by Jerome 2006-10-06

Lancement de phpMySport

Le projet est désormais démarré et la première version de phpMySport devrait être pour bientôt.

Posted by Jerome 2006-08-03

The beginning of phpMySport

The project is now opened and the first version of phpMySport should be soon available.

Posted by Jerome 2006-08-03