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Local Mailing List

For those interested please subscribe to our local mailing list created by Alex Sea in the Philippines. It can be accessed at


Filipino phpmylibrary users should subscribe into this mailing list so that we can contact each other conveniently to further improve the software. PhpMyLibrary is an open source library automation software created using php and mysql, and soon python and postgresql. You can use it now at no cost. You participation is needed I hope at no cost. Hehe. I will be releasing the pycatalog soon. This is a printed card catalog generator. The source file is the MARC data and the output is in PDF. Created using my current favorite programming language Python. Before I was a cryptic PHP programmer, now I do both, PHP and Python. Python has some sort of extraordinary advantage over other programming language. Just SEA it for yourself. Watch Finding Nemo first.


Posted by Charles Fiddler 2003-08-16