CVS update - preparation for next release

We've noticed that the CVS version is lagging behind, so here it goes... I've done a major CVS update in preparation for the next version of PhpMyLibrary. Among the most noticeable changes are:

1. It doesn't work - the WebPAC search functionality doesn't return anything but errors. There's still a lot to fix in this department, as the underlying database structure has been changed.
2. Directory structure has been changed. You'll notice the difference :-)
3. Database structure has been changed.
4. Creation of "python" and "zope" modules separate from the "PhpMyLibrary" module. We're hoping to have them populated soon enough (as we've been very busy with other projects these days).

Hopefully we could release candidate releases within the next few days. Some of the things scheduled for upload include:

* Printing of card catalog
* Module for serials and acquisition
* Updated MARC->SQL generator
* Users' Manual and Developers' Reference
(there are a lot of other things we're hoping to include come next release... I guess we'll do them one at a time).

Next release shall be versioned at 3.0.

Stay in touch for the next few days... the code's broken - we're not expecting you to use it just yet :->

Posted by Paolo Alexis Falcone 2003-07-15