The University of the Philippines Population Institute Libr

The University of the Philippines Population Institute Library used PhpMylibrary
Posted by: polerio on Friday, June 28, 2002 - 04:55 PM GMT
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I am proud to announce that the University of the Philippines Population Institute Library had used the PhpMyLibrary to convert thier CDS/ISIS bibliographic records to PhpMyLibrary. Their CDS/ISIS bibliographic records can now be search online. They made it possible because they wanted their library user access their CDS/ISIS online without going traditionally to their library accessing their CDS/ISIS OPAC.

The U.P Population Institute Library catalog can be accessed at

The automation was made possible by PhpMyLibrary Import Module. This module has the capability of importing MARC and ISIS bibliographic format.

They have had their own online library software connected online. This library software was installed on thier Main Library. The problem they'd encounter with that automation software is that online library user tend to search the general collection of all the libraries and not their own library itself.

Currently, their PhpMyLibrary software have had 3745 bibliographic entries, all these came from their CDS/ISIS book catalog. Now their preparing thier 6000+ Serial collection to be exported also to PhpMyLibrary software.

Note: The UP Population Institute Library web server are open 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Philippine Time (GMT +8) only due to power fluctuations that affect the UPPI server on nightime.

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2002-10-04