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I just installed 1.4.0 and it looks like part of this feature is
there, I can now select which users can edit or not.

I'd like to take it one step further if possible.

I modified the people.php file to achieve the desired effect I

<table width="100%">
        <th width="85%"><h4><?php

echo $strDetails; ?>

; ?>"><?php echo
$strPedigree; ?>

<?php if ($_SESSION["editable"] == "Y")
{ ?>
:: ; ?>"><?php echo $strEdit; ?>
<?php if ($gedcom == true)

echo ":: <a href=\"gedcom.php?person=".$_REQUEST

} ?>
<?php if ($_SESSION["admin"] == 1) { ?>

href="JavaScript:confirm_delete('<?php echo $prow["name"]; ?

', '<?php echo strtolower($strPerson); ?>', 'passthru.php?
func=delete&area=person&person=<?php echo
$_REQUEST["person"]; ?>')" class="delete"><?php echo
$strDelete; ?>
<?php } ?>

What would be great though if instead of just checking
ADMIN or not if it could check "deleteable", whether the user
can delete enteries or not.

Then of course perhaps for the future a more detailed set of
user rights like I described in above.

Thanks a million!!!