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Long awaited phpMyEdit 5.3 is here!

Finally, long awaited phpMyEdit 5.3 is here! The most important features it brings are CSS class names handling and new exhaustive DocBook documentation (available for download and online as well). For phpMyEdit download check Platon.SK Download section and click on Platon.SK Forum link to enter phpMyEdit related discussions.

However not only these matters are important. As many members of phpMyEdit userbase already know, phpMyEdit definitelly moved away from SourceForge service to Platon.SK open source development portal. Maybe it is not absolutely perfect, but at least we have possibility of its improvement. So cross us your fingers!... read more

Posted by Ondrej Jombik 2003-04-08

5.0 out, 5.1 development started


Finally, we have phpMyEdit 5.0 out. For announce see

For changelog see

For 5.0 download access

That's all folks for now. We have hopefully all critical bugs fixed and we are starting with works on 5.1 by adding such usuable features.... read more

Posted by Ondrej Jombik 2002-10-01

phpMyEdit 5.0 available soon!

Version 5.0 of phpMyEdit will be available soon till end of this week! Main issue of development, which continues framework created by John McCreesh and improved by Jim Kraai, was fixing bugs to have phpMyEdit stable and robust. See doc/ChangeLog in comming version for more details and particular credits to various phpMyEdit community contributors.

Also note that whole phpMyEdit project was imported into Platon SDG ( CVS repository. Now you can anytime freely checkout fresh copy to see development progress. You can also test things, that was broken in your previous release and send particular report to me or phpMyEdit mailing list. I will appreciate it a lot!... read more

Posted by Ondrej Jombik 2002-09-25

PME 4.0 Coming!

The beta is coming along--feel free to get it and beat it up.

New functionality:
Read Only & Hidden fields. (Password may be done, but I'd love suggestions on _how_ it should be done.)
Able to select rows from the same supporting table more than once.
Default values now supported.
Two new actions: View Detail and Copy Record
Initial filters capability has been added both at the table level and the supporting table levels.
'format' option is gone in favor of 'mask' which is processed by printf() before displaying
Can set listing limit to -1 (all rows on page)
Can have multiple initial sort fields which are retained as secondary/tertiary/quaternary/etc. sort fields during normal usage
Date filter fields now have in/equality operators
Added support for a calculated column
Added support for MySQL ENUM and SET types
In left column, support for radio button, hyperlink, or graphic action links
Updates to a table can now be logged to another table
Can set maximum display width to help with horizontal scrolling problems.
Can set trim length to help with horizontal scrolling problems.
'URL' options have been expanded, maybe too far for security comfort

Posted by jim kraai 2002-02-08

Welcome to Jim Kraai

Thanks to all those who volunteered to take over the development of PHPMyEdit. Jim wins due to sheer persistence and the number and quality of his suggestions for improving the code. I'm sure all the users of PHPMyEdit will want to join me in thanking Jim for volunteering to take this software on to a new phase of development. Good luck!

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-06-26

PHPMyEdit 3.5 is out

PHPMyEdit 3.5 - the multi-lingual version - is now available. I'm no longer actively working on PHPMyEdit, although I receive many suggestions for improvements, bug fixes, etc. If someone would like to take over the project, I'd be happy to let them do so... please drop me an email.

Thanks - John

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-05-06

PHPMyEdit 3.2 - PHPMyEdit futures

3.2 is now out. The amount of time I've had available to spend on PHPMyEdit has dropped off recently. This is partly due to my moving my development platform from Windows to Linux - everything takes twice as long as I'm a newbie all over again. Plus, I've also starting playing with the Shelf development environment, which must be one of the best kept open source secrets ( read more

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-04-19

PHPMyEdit 3.1 is out

Check it out - but if you use 'listview', read the change log before you use the new version.


Posted by John McCreesh 2001-03-20

PHPMyEdit 3.0

In case you're wondering what's happened to PHPMyEdit 3.0, there's a bug in SourceForge which is preventing me uploading the .zip file. Grrr! It's real soon now, folks!


Posted by John McCreesh 2001-03-06

PHPMyEdit -> PHP classes

Pau Aligas' conversion of PHPMyEdit to PHP classes is nearly ready for release. I feel a major release number is imminent (3.0?). I'll try and add in a couple of the enhancements that have been suggested recently too - just to prove I still understand the code!


Posted by John McCreesh 2001-03-01

Version 2.3 released

PMyEdit has developed considerably since its original release. This additional functionality has stretched the original idea of 'a complete table editor in one file' to the limit. The program now needs to be split into modules to make it more manageable / maintainable, and there will be no more functionality added until this is complete. Inevitably, this will mean PHPMyEdit 3.x will be multi-file.

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-02-14

Version 2 is available

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-01-12

Version 2 sneak preview

The examples page is now running a pre-release of the version 2 code. Clicking on the button at the top left hand corner of the table now displays a row where a filter can be set. This allows only selected rows to be displayed. There's still at least one buglet lurking in the code, and the site documentation needs updating before the code is released. Not long now!

Posted by John McCreesh 2001-01-11

2.0 under development

Thanks to all the users who have submitted suggestions / code fragments for PHPMyEdit. Version 2.0 will be a major release, with features such as user-defined filters.

Please register your interest with SourceForge if you want to be notified when the code is released.


Posted by John McCreesh 2001-01-09

1.6 is now out

1.6 is now available for download. The size is bigger as I'm now shipping .php and .php3 versions.

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-12-17

Temporary download location

The SourceForge upload ftp server is currently out of action. Please collect PHPMyEdit from the following location:

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-12-11

Release 1.3 is out

1.3 is now ready. As soon as the SourceForge crew fix their upload server, I'll upload it! If anyone would like a copy in the meantime, please email me at

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-12-09

Release 1.2 now available

Release1.2 provides a rather more elegant solution to the SETUP.PHP problem already fixed temporarily in 1.1. Added warning to SETUP.PHP if PHP is not configured correctly for XML. Added support for "URL" parameter to SETP.PHP and PHPMyEdit.PHP, to allow 'clickable' links to email, web, ftp, etc. addresses. Improved handling of magic_quotes within PHPMyEdit.PHP.

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-12-03

Release 1.1 is available

Release 1.1 is a bug fix release. The problem where the Setup program 'looped' with a password protected MySQL database has now been fixed. All users should upgrade to this version.

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-11-29

(non) working examples

It looks like the SourceForge MySQL server is up to its old tricks again. It looks as though I will have to replace the live examples with some screenshots instead - a pity - unless someone can offer (free) MySQL and php hosting?

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-11-26


The on-line exaaples are now working again. Thanks to the Sourceforge crew for sorting this server out.

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-11-22

Release 1.0 now out

The first public release of PHPMyEdit is now available for download. Hand editing PHP code for MySQL tables is now history. Enjoy!

Posted by John McCreesh 2000-10-28