Capital letter

  • Laurent


    I've a problem with capital letters. I can't write anything with capital
    letter not even the first one at beginning of sentences.

    I use french langage.

    Is the utf8 code the problem ?

    Thank you.

  • This is a first. Can I have a link to your chat so I can check myself?

    It could be a missing mb functions on your php server, check the error log of
    your site cpanel though.

    Ciprian M.

  • Can't register... Vous devez saisir une adresse e-mail valide.

  • Laurent

    I know this problem. It accept everything except an email adress. I suppose i
    forgive to complete something in a file.

    For the use i want, it's not a problem for me because i creat myself the user
    login and password directly from the server. You can use bdl login and bdl

  • I don't know what you did to your files, but you can always check against the
    demo site: or

    Your chat is automatically converting everything you type to small caps. Never
    seen this done before lol.

    What 1.94 beta version did you use? 6 or 8?

  • Laurent

    Version 8

  • Was this the initial behaviour? Before you moded the files?

    If all the letters are converted correctly to small caps (as with romanian
    chars), what would be the problem? Are the French letters not correctly

    (I was just curious about the version... it should have nothing to do with
    this behaviour)

    Ciprian M.

    PS: Can you please make a separate install with the clean beta 8 as
    downloaded? That way we can test the behaviour and see if it's related to the
    php server settings or youor modifications to the files.

  • Laurent

    The letter are correctly converted. But i wil use this chat with children, i'm
    teacher. And i want that the syntax is correct for a good example.

    I will follow your explanation but not today. I must leaving. Thank you for
    your help and patience.

  • Hi again.

    Before trying a new install, get the new uploaded beta8. There are several

  • lesmond

    I seem to have found the problem with the caps issue, but not a fix, it seems
    that its from the swear filter, if its on then the capitals will not work and
    it shows only lowercase, turn the swear filter off and you get capitals!

    It seems to come from Table structure for table `c_config' but I am not so
    good with MySQL to find the fix.

    Ciprian, you came to my site to see if you could find the issue.

  • Hey lesmond! You found it! It does make sense now, so I will take a look and
    push a fix in the upcoming RC2.

    @tergal: you can disable the swearing filter in admin panel until I push the

    Thank you again lesmond, I'll keep you posted.

    Ciprian M.