Not Able to run Schedule backup

  • Pankaj khurana
    Pankaj khurana

    Hello everyone,

    I need a help to run schedule backup in pMBP.I am using iTop ITIL now i would like to take Schedule backup of itop datbase.
    Created Schedule script:
    // This script was created by phpMyBackupPro v.2.4
    // In order to work probably, it must be saved in the directory /var/www/web/.
    $_POST['db']=array("mdb", );
    $_POST['comments']="Pankaj Khurana Created Script for datbase backup";
    // switch to the phpMyBackupPro v.2.4 directory
    // switch back to the directory containing this script

    save it onehr.php in web(/var/www/web/onehr.php) folder and
    add this line in iTop web index.php------require_once('onehr.php');
    but no Schedule Backup is working...PLease help to solve out this problem...

    Thanks in advance..