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cronjob for 2.1 via backup.php (SHELL_MODE)


  • Anonymous

    hi, i've gone through all of the documentation, even googled all night and i did not manage to find any more details about the mysterious 6th parameter.
    php -q -f /home/dwtphovu/public_html/intellisource.co.za/backups/backup.php

    dwtphovu_8347379386_prod,dwtphovu_8347379386_test 1 1 1 1 ../prod_8347379386/,../test_8347379386/,../images/

    the cronjob ran this morning, only problems are it backed up to .gz and not .zip - and i have no idea how to make it backup all subdirectories without making the cronjob a mile long and specifying every single subdirectory.
    i need to make backups of 2 databasees and 3 directories. the manual result is 3 zip files, but the cronjobs spat out 3 gz files and not in /public_html/intellisource.co.za/backups/ - despite receiving a cronjob support message putting them there.
    i am having a hard time wrapping my head around the way pMBP 2.1 works…
    the manual file that is generated - i tried adding first - but this gives an HTTP 500 error with no clue on the details. all the error log shows is

    PHP Warning:  readfile() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/dwtphovu/public_html/intellisource.co.za/backups/functions.inc.php on line 63

    i seem to keep getting this error on the site - though i have managed to perform a manual backup.
    and how can i recurse the subdirectories without having a mile long cronjob call.
    someone please help?