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Bin Zu: Week 12 report (Aug 19~Aug 25)

  • Key accomplishments last week

In the last week, I finished most of the scheduled tasks. refatctor server view pages as well as mult_submit.php and add UT for them.

1. Uts for PMA_server_privileges and fix UT error



2. refactor PMA_mult_submits and Add UT


3. Refactor server sql


  • Tasks in the upcoming week

As scheduled,  there are still some works left on this week

I will contact with Marc if there are other urgent works should be finished firstly

1. finish refactoring server_sql.php and UT

2. server_variables_doc.php refactoring and UT

3. other server view pages refactoring and UT


Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-08-18