Mohamed Ashraf: Weekly update #5 [8/7-14/7]

This week was github api and authentication. I refactored the code I wrote for last week and moved it into a separate component to handle all the requests and try to keep the controller slim. I currently also created some access control on the website where only logged in developers can see the error reports otherwise they are redirected to the home page and asked to login.

After some working I was able to get an access token for the source forge api for my account. I also created a controller to enable me to get an access token for any account since I will be creating an account for sourceforge bug tracker submission. That however is for another week.

For next week I am creating a view for the error report. I am still thinking of how to style the information. I will be using a table with all the info and I will also be changing the way the javascript code sends the data to the error reporting server specifically with the way the stack trace is being sent and nearby context is being sent.


Posted by SourceForge Robot 2013-07-14