Hi Marc,

I pushed my first set of changes to the repo on ajaxify the table->multi_row->change option, please check that. For that I have used some existing events in sql.js file. 

When I submit the "#insetForm" I used "$("#pageselector").trigger('change');" for reload the "#resultsForm"  table because since this is related to multiple rows and there are many actions in "#insertForm" such as "Save" and "add as a new row", it is better to update the table. 

And there are few issues with this. 
  1. I used "PMA_ajaxShowMessage(PMA_messages['strNoRowSelected']);" to show a message when user not selected a row and click on change. Is this okay or should I change it. 
  2. When a row get changed I used following actions to reload the "#resultsForm"

           But since last two actions runs in the middle of first trigger I cannot remove the result_query  with the updated row message after the table get reloaded. I cannot find why this happens. Please can you help me on this.   
Thank you.


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