I am working with XMLWriter Extension for generating XML Documents for SVG,DIA,VISIO formats for generating schema .. but I noticed in XMLWriter .. this extension just provides utf-8 encoding ..

Experts & Mentors, Please suggest what should I do ??

though, I am going to digg more in that issue to see any solution for this ...

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 7:09 PM, Michal Čihař <michal@cihar.com> wrote:

Dne Tue, 22 Jun 2010 17:55:11 +0500
ADnan <hiddenpearls@gmail.com> napsal(a):

> 1. I am thinking to code a config class in which I define all the Global
> vars that are used in Schema Export ?? It will be better instead of using
> Global Vars in methods. what do u think ?
> Class name will be PMA_SCHEMA_config ..

Why you need separate class for configuration? Shouldn't that be part
of either PMA_Config (if it is some global settings) or PMA_Schema (if
it is schema specific).

You don't need any global variables for both, just use method
attributes for this.

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