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Oggetto: Re:[Phpmyadmin-translators] phpMyAdmin 3.0 and UTF-8
Da: Mihailo Stefanovińá <mikis@mikis.org>
A: 'Marc Delisle' <Marc.Delisle@cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca>, phpmyadmin-translators@lists.sf.net, 'phpmyadmin' <phpmyadmin-users@lists.sourceforge.net>
Data: domenica 26 agosto 2007 14.28.00
The plan for 3.0 is to remove all non-UTF-8 language files. I would like
to hear your comments about this.

For translators, will you be able to send your changes in UTF-8?

Strongly supported. It would make our (translators) life much easier :)


(Serbian translation maintainer)
I totaly agree with Mihailo

Luca, Italian translator
Luca Rebellato
Mail: rebeluca@ngi.it