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#4459 (ok 4.2.6) First few characters of database name aren't clickable when expanded

Isaac Bennetch

As stated in the subject, there's a way to make the database not clickable, but only the first (topmost) database.

Expand the database (to show the tables that make up that database). While it's expanded, the database name isn't a link. Once collapsing the view, it becomes a link again. This only seems to affect the topmost database in the navigation list.


  • Hi,
    How many databases do you have please? Do you have pagination? Is the first database entry a group?
    Could we have a screenshot please?
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Isaac,
    Any answer to my previous questions please? Maybe something is not clear enough.

  • Isaac Bennetch
    Isaac Bennetch

    Hugues, sorry I must have missed your response.

    I've attached four pictures. In the first two, you can see me with my cursor over the first and second databases (the cursor itself is hidden, but you can see the text has an underline and is a link). For the third, I've expanded the third database and my mouse is over the a database; you can see there is no underline because the database name "a" is not a link in this case. Finally, in the fourth, you can see del is acting correctly; my mouse is over the "del" text and it is underlined, plus works as a link.

    In this example, assuming both "a" and "del" are expanded, clicking the "a" text should take me to the Structure tab for a, but it doesn't. "del" works correctly. If I collapse "a" it turns in to a link.

    I have 18 databases total, including three ("expand_*") that group together, and also including the usual "mysql", "information_schema", and "phpmyadmin". The group is near the middle of the list, so it comes well after these.

    Last edit: Isaac Bennetch 2014-07-14
  • Isaac,
    Could we also have your config.inc.php file please? (without passwords, if you have some into this file.)
    Do you use pMA in another context? (Maybe at work or an access to another project.) Did you encounter the same problem?

  • Isaac,
    No need to send your config.inc.php file!
    I have the same issue, but I think that you wouldn't have notice it if your first DB name were longer…
    It seems that there is an issue on the first characters of the first DB.
    My first DB is named "ancienlac" and I can't click before the middle of first "n". If this can help anyone to fix this bug…

  • This is not only on first DB, but on all DB. Expand a DB and move your mouse at the bottom left of your DB name, the link won't be active. On the top or on the right, it will be active.
    This is because of a <i></i>, the one which displays the tree line between the DB icon and the "New" icon. (see attachment.)

    • assigned_to: Hugues Peccatte
  • Isaac Bennetch
    Isaac Bennetch

    • summary: First database in navigation bar isn't clickable when expanded --> First few characters of database name aren't clickable when expanded
  • Isaac Bennetch
    Isaac Bennetch

    Works great for me, thanks. I've edited the title of this tracker item and suggest you use the new title in the changelog.

    • summary: First few characters of database name aren't clickable when expanded --> (ok 4.2.6) First few characters of database name aren't clickable when expanded
    • status: open --> resolved
    • Priority: 5 --> 1
  • Thanks! This is merged.

  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    • Status: resolved --> fixed