#3672 (ok 4.0) Grid editing destroying huge amount of data

Marc Delisle
Jørgen Thomsen

Version using Firefox 15 MySql

After selecting 42 records with
SELECT T1.`dataname`, T1.`data` FROM `orders` AS T1 WHERE T1.`ordernbr` = '248753'

an inline editing of one of the records was made.
As a result the following SQL was executed

UPDATE `mybase`.`orders` SET `data` = 'Lastname' WHERE `orders`.`dataname` = 'lastname';

As a result the last name field in around 200,000 orders now have the same value !


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  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    Can you attach an export of the structure and some sample data?

  • Sample data uploaded

  • upscope

    Running phpMyAdmin under openSUSE12.2 GM Release I have same problem, This is a disaster. I keep my Lions Club members list and I now have 7 members with same last name. Seems to be an intermittent proble. Yestday it happened when I enter two new members, Last names McKay and McKean. Looked like it happeen when first two letters of last name were the same. Today it was when I modified one name (Crapson) and it affected 7 other rows. This did not happen under previous version of phpmyadmin. Version was from openSUSE 12.2 repo.

    Here is a sample of sql executed yesterday:
    INSERT INTO `Lions`.`Moses Lake Lions` (`Member Number`, `First Name`, `Last Name`, `Spouse Name`, `Address`, `City`, `State`, `Zip-Code`, `Join Date`, `Email Address`, `Phone Number`, `Membership Type`, `Cell Phone`, `Occupation40`) VALUES (NULL, 'Denise', 'McKAY', '', '182 Road 1.3 NE', 'Moses Lake', 'WA.', '98837', '2012-07-18', 'DCM065@aol.com', '509-350-8197', 'Regular', '', '');

    I will try and find newer version of phpmyadmin in openSUSE factory repo. When I update from terimal manual it does not appear to happen.


  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    • assigned_to: nobody --> lem9
  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    please give me a step-by-step scenario to reproduce the problem, with the sample table you attached.

  • Small table for testing

  • Do exactly as described.
    Execute the SELECT stement in the SQL window
    Click on the data field next to the dataname field 'lastname' and change its value
    Click outside the field

    The problem must be caused by the logic ignoring the non-displayed fields of the record.

    A new test file matching the problem report has been uploaded.

  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    Yes, this is the cause of the problem and I'm looking for a solution.

  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

    Note: it's not only a grid editing problem. Clicking on Edit and changing a piece of data has the same problem.

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