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#3227 (ok 3.4.0-rc1) Error when edit record with geometry


The following problem is still happening in phpMyAdmin, even though it was claimed to be fixed in bug ID 3038193.

If a table has a geometry column the error always occurs when saving edited record. phpMyAdmin seems to think the geometry value has changed when it has not. This may occur with any blob. Needs to just ignor geometry column.


  • Hi,
    Is the column described here, of type geometry of any subtype of geometry such as point, polygon, etc?
    And also can you attach a small export of your table.

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  • This bug was fixed in repository and will be part of a future release; thanks for reporting.

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    • summary: Error when edit record with geometry --> (ok 3.4.0-rc1) Error when edit record with geometry
  • Marc Delisle
    Marc Delisle

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  • Michal Čihař
    Michal Čihař

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