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We have to start over...

Ok well I redid my pc and forgot to back up the lastest copy so... Ya we are screwed... Well will start over sometime just not sure when...

Posted by Anthony 2006-12-02

A quick update

We are still working on the theming system which has delayed us more than you can imagine... The admin panel has a littile bit of work to be done before we can release it but otherwise we are movin along pretty good!

Posted by Anthony 2006-10-14

Goto the ShadowLAN Homepage!

Our homepage is I would like all devs to use the forums on that site :)

Posted by Anthony 2006-10-09

Templating will be in Alpha 1 lol, Along with some annouce..

Yes its been alot of trial and error but the new templating system will be included in PhpMissile Alpha 1...

Current Status of Alpha 1: 75% Done.

Release Date: Before November 1st

This release date depends on the Errors we run into. For instance the templating only took 2 weeks to implent. So the admin panel shouldnt take that long.

A quick check list of what Phpmissile Admin Panel Will have:

1. Quick Statics (Will show how many people are on, The IP Address of the people)
2. News Management
3. Template Managament
4. Module Managment
5. And more!... read more

Posted by Anthony 2006-10-07

Alpha 1 So close you can taste it!

Ok we decided just to throw themeing in Beta 1 :)

So All we need to do now is finish the admin panel and make some basic modules :)

Posted by Anthony 2006-10-04

Alpha 1 Delayed Some more...

Alpha 1 has been delayed till sometime within the next week or so...

Sorry about this, Weve run in to more than we thought we would.

Posted by Anthony 2006-10-01

Alpha 1 delayed...

Alpha 1 has been delayed till Oct 1.

Posted by Anthony 2006-09-27

Alpha 1 To be released Thursday...

The acstudoiz has decided php missile will be ready for a alpha 1 release around thursday, next monday at tops.

Posted by Anthony 2006-09-25