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#95 How to track bounced emails by message-id or something else

Felipe Delgado

Hello guys,
I'm using Phpmailer V5.0.0 together with BMH and i'm new to Phpmailer.

I searched over and over (without any explanation) and decided to post this message directly to you.

What i need is to be able to track bounced messages and update these messages in my database.

I'm using BMH with callback_database.php option.

But, since I have a large database with repeated e-mails, updating it just by e-mail criteria isn't a good choice, cause it can mark a good delivered message (someday sent) as a bad one.

I guess if i set a MESSAGE-ID
( $mail->MessageID = "abcd@localhost"; )

when using PhpMailer to send that unique message, it could be possible to track it back via BMH (eg. update record where message_id = abcd) to update my database, am I correct?

But how can I track that message-id value (in callback_database.php)? Or if there is another great way...

Please, can anyone guide me?