suddenly all phpmailer scripts fail: SMTPAuth

  • Dan

    on the 31st our cpanel/whm servers updated. there appears to be some strict
    rules adherence that are not friendly with phpmailer.


    include 'class.phpmailer.php';


    $custMailer = new PHPMailer();


    $custMailer->SMTPAuth = true;

    $custMailer->Username = '';

    $custMailer->Password = 'pass';

    $custMailer->From = '';

    $custMailer->FromName = 'first last';

    $custMailer->Host = '';

    $custMailer->Port = '25';


    $custMailer->Subject = 'Your email from first last';

    $custMailer->Body = $custMail;


    if (!$custMailer->Send())




    prior to the update this would send out a message authenticated to the mailbox this has been working fine for a few years now.

    today after the mail server update it generates an error on authetication due
    to sending HELO then trying to use AUTH

    All of our sites generating emails to users had to be updated to not use the
    SMTPAuth today in order to resume normal operations.

    We could also fix by reverting our version of cpanel/whm back, but this does
    not correct for phpmailer operating against esmtp specs. We would like to know
    if there is a change to our script that would help this or is it not in our
    control. Is this a bug with phpmailer authentication?