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#5 informix support

Richard Archer

reposted from mailing list

From: Robert Sosnowski <>
To: <>
Subject: phplib & informix
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 15:42:00 +0100

I've created Informix database access for phplib for my
own usage but I want to share this with others. I do
not know to whom to sent it so it is possible that it
is not correct address.
In my company (WBK SA bank) we have Informix databases
everywhere so when I've wanted to try this lib I had to
implement appropriate Informix classes. I'm a newbe in
PHP world (and Internet) but I have Informix experience.
This version works ok with phplib when php.ini contains:
- textasvarchar is set to 1
- charasvarchar is set to 1
It would be nice to read current state of this
variables and to restore original values after return
from library procedure. However it is not possible
because there is no way to detect this in PHP. differs from only
with the way how transactions are handled - there is
another syntax for every database. do not work on my informix server because
val is set to a value longer than 255 chars which
exceeds database server limit (Informix 7.31 on SCO
Open Server). So I developed


Robert Sosnowski


  • Richard Archer
    Richard Archer