PHPlib is dead, can I take it over?

  • undisclosed

    I see that this project has had no activity in about a
    year. There are still alot of issues regarding collisions
    with PHP4 functions and there shouldn't be any reason
    to continue "rolling" support for PHP3 into the same
    version in the future. I would very much like to take
    this project over. So that it might continue to be useful. Rather than die, due to lack of usefulness
    because no one on the project team is willing to stay
    with it and keep it current and active.
    Please contact me.

    Best wishes.

    • Layne Weathers
      Layne Weathers

      While it is true that the last release - 7.4 was created a year from tomorrow, there have been a handful of fixes and additions to CVS in the last year. Not nearly as much as I'd like to see, but I understand how people have their own commitments and it appears that, while there is definitely room for improvement, the code works as-is for a great many people.

      Speaking for myself, I'm not much impressed by a take over bid by an anonymous party. How long have you been using PHPLib? How many positive contributions have you made to user list discussions? How many patches have you submitted to fix bugs or add new features? What is your vision for a future PHPLib? These are all questions that I would want answered before a leadership role is granted - please answer them in a followup post.

      That being said, if you have a good vision for PHPLib and are willing to put in the work, I would have no problem with you joining the project as a developer and seeing what you can do. If, after a significant period of time, you are still involved and are contributing useful code, then it might be appropriate to discuss a leadership role again.