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#4 Close non related tree branch when opening other branch

Adrian Lewis

Would like to see a way of closing other branches that
don't need to be open to see the item of interest when
a user starts to follow a different branch.

If you take the year month day structure, for example,
when someone has 2003 -> May -> 23rd open and they
then click on 2002, I'd like to see the whole of 2003
collapse. There are many cases where this would be an
annoyance but as an option it is useful as a site nav
where there are so many branches that can be open,
that the whole thing gets very big. It would also be a
better visual representation of where a user is within the
site at a glance as with a breadcrumb trail script.


  • Marco Pratesi
    Marco Pratesi

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    I'll reply ASAP; this is a dummy reply to receive a mail
    about this feature request.

    Marco Pratesi

  • A. Tzonkov
    A. Tzonkov

    Logged In: YES

    I would really lke to see this feature implemented. I am
    currently using version 3.1.3 for a JS Tree menu. I am trying
    very hard to support users who only use 800x600 resolution
    and currently if my menu is fully expanded they loose a
    couple of nodes. This issue would be a non-issue if the
    opened branches collapsed when another branch was opened.
    Thanks for all your time Marco.