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PHP3.0.1 released

PHP3.0.1. is now available. This is a minor upgrade which allows customized directory images for each group of pictures

Posted by David Johnson 2003-12-04

PHPix3 Final Release

The PHPix Team are pleased to announce that 3.0 has been release. No major issues have been reported with rc3 and so the 3.0 release has now occured.

All future development will now occur in 3.1

The PHPix3 team

Posted by David Johnson 2003-05-17

PHPix3 release candidate 2

The PHPix3 project team are pleased to announce the release of Release Candidate 2. This introduces working accessiblity keys for progressing through the pictures and should have resolved the remained golbal variable issues

Please feel free to download the application and try it out. Please report any buts or issues that you might fine. RFEs are always welcome.

PHPix3 Project Team.

Posted by David Johnson 2003-05-01

PHPix3 release candidate 1

The PHPix3 project team is please to announce the availablity of the first release candidate for PHPix 3.0. Please feel free to download the application and try it out. Bug reports, RFEs etc welcome

PHPix3 Project Team

Posted by David Johnson 2003-04-26

Rebirth of PHPix - PHPix3

I am pleased to announce the rebirth of development on the PHPix2 code. I have taken the code and am reworking to ensure that it will run on a PHP server with register_globals=off.

A release candidate will appear shortly once internal testing had finished

Please see the project for more information

Posted by David Johnson 2003-04-25