PHP Home 2.2.0 released

PHP Home Edition is a complete package including WWW server Apache, DBS Server MYSQL and scripting language PHP into one fully operational system. Including additional compiled libraries for Win32 OS and many more. Easy to install, plug and play installation.

Changes with PHP Home Edition 2.2 [28.6.2002] Build 172
+ Apache security update 2.0.39
+ Mysql 3.23.51
+ php 4.2.2 RC1 = compiled by MGx; SAPI mode enabled

Changes with PHP Home Edition 2.1.1 [15.6.2002] Build 165
+ fixed sessions save path bug in php.ini (CH.Rickers [])
+ fixed problem with parsing in PHPMyAdmin under DEBIAN Potato OS
and some AIX clones (signal from Oracle Corp.)
+ introduced new extensions in php.ini
+ phpMyAdmin 2.2.7rc1
+ introduced language installation system:
= ENGLISH version [default]
= SLOVAK version [first language]
= GERMAN version [second language] = Translation by Christoph Rickers

if you want to translate 2 small files and create your
own installation language version, contact me at Translation takes about 3 hours.

Posted by Milan Gacik 2002-06-28