phpGraphy 0.9.10a released

Time is running fast, the 0.9.11 is still not out, what are we doing ? Well, we're working on it, and pretty hard actually. We're not that far from the first release candidate, but I wanted to add one last feature to this release which is a brand new installation process, and also a new way of configuring phpGraphy. This should make life much more easier for new comers and when upgrading.

Good news also for non-english speakers, the installation will handle multiple languages (depending on the availability of translatators). By the way, if you're interested in giving a bit of your time to translate phpGraphy into another language, it's always welcome !

So and about this 0.9.10a, well I've just integrated two new languages files, and fixed some issues which I would consider as important but I didn't receive much complaints about it so apparently it's maybe not as important as I thought.

Also for all people who are joining the phpGraphy community, or even those old users that haven't given any feedback. Please do so that we know what you (users) are expecting in the future.

Posted by JiM / aEGIS 2005-10-18