Anyone willing/able to help me please

  • Troy Rowland
    Troy Rowland

    A friend on the web suggested I download and install phpgraphy, but he disappeared, and now I'm stuck.

    I've created 1 website in my lifetime, about 18 years ago, using HotDog Pro.  So my knowledge is quite lacking.

    I don't run my own webserver, I have a free account from my ISP.  They are running PHP 5.

    I tried installing phpgraphy using the manual, but each time I tried, it tried opening it in Dreamweaver(came with a package of Photoshop.)  I tried altering the file association to IE, but now it's an endless loop, IE wants to keep opening or saving the file.

    How do I get phpgraphy installed for my webpage?

    Please and Thanks for any help.