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  • Hello from Argentina
    I modified my index.php because when i tried to change users password didn't take effect.
    The modification is in the UserManagment part and in the case 'edit'  when was written
    if (isSet($user_info['error']))
    I changed for:
    if ((isSet($user_info['error']['password'])) or (isSet($user_info['error']['login']))or (isSet($user_info['error']['uid']))or (isSet($user_info['error']['security_level'])))

    Because $user_info['error'] is an array so never will be unset
    I think this is a bug... David Ducos

    • JiM / aEGIS
      JiM / aEGIS

      You didn't say which version you're running on but if it was 0.9.11, yes it was a bug and we fixed it (https://trac.phpgraphy.org/trac/changeset/295) in the 0.9.12 branch.

      Regards, JiM.