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Let users register their own account

  • chrisvh

    Hello, installed phpGraphy 10 minutes ago and added a new directory with level 10 access. I want all directories to have level 10 because I only want registered users to be able to view images on my site.

    However looking around, I don't see a place for users to register themselves.. am I missing something or is it not an option? I just want the index.php with my .welcome to have a "Register" link which lets them create their own accounts, passwords, etc and have that registration form auto-set their level to 10 (so they can login and view the registered-user-only directories).

    Is this feasible? Does it exist and I'm just not seeing it?

  • iSnoow

    That's True, I'm also looking for this feature, so that users can register their own accounts without me needed to do it for them.
    Is this login registration possible to make in the feature or do we have to do it ourselfs somehow?