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  • A great warm thx for a great, fast and efficient image "gallery" ... thumbs up ;-)

    I'm testing PHPGRAPHY and would like to use it for my WordPress based gamers/newssite, and wonder if anyone have made a WP plugin for PHPGRAPHY?

    And if not, I would like to know if PHPGRAPHY has some kind of "API" I can use, to hardcode PHP code in my WP installation?

    I'm planning to use PHPGRAPHY as link-tool to screenhots, screenshot viewer, and generel image library for our sites.

    • JiM / aEGIS
      JiM / aEGIS

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your warm greeting :) So far as I've seen, most of people integrating phpGraphy into their existing website are using iframe which is probably the easiest way to do it. The other way is to use the header/footer system to include others existing pages.

      Some people have already requested a better integration for at least to share the users base. I'm definitly interested in making the code more modular than it is now, so that for example we could use a plugin system for the authentication, making it much more easier to integrate with existing apps.

      As I personnaly don't use such apps, I will need *real* help from people using one so that they can give me *real* expectations and test the thing behind.

      Feel free to contact me by email on the subject.

      Best Regards, JiM.

    • Frenzie

      If you have your phpGraphy in a subdirectory of your main Wordpress dir, changing the header of your page to something like this is as simple as it gets. Just remove everything there is up to and including <div <?php if (!$_GET['popup']) echo 'id="main"'; ?>>. You could also delete the image, but that's personal preference I suppose. Then place this there instead.

      // Start the counter to calculate the page's generation time

      include '../wp-blog-header.php';


      The footer can be entirely replaced by




      Now the tricky part will come however, as you will have to do a lot of adjustments on the stylesheet(s). So at least a basic understanding of CSS is required.