Feature Request

  • Can there be a setting to show the highest rated photos on the frontpage of PHPgrpahy?

    This would make it much more dynamic and out of thousands of photos to see which ones are the best


    • JiM / aEGIS
      JiM / aEGIS

      Hi Michael,

      There is already the "Top ratings" page which will show you which pictures have the best rating. There is plan (don't know exactly when we're going to implement it) to add links that display a random thumb, the top rated picture, the last added picture , etc. This will require further investigation.

      Regards, JiM.

    • I try to implement your Script and find no way
      to add pictures which are already on our webserver in an othe folder.

      is this possible ?

      Regards Guido

    • JiM / aEGIS
      JiM / aEGIS

      For help, please use the Help forum.

      Regards, JiM.